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The time has finally come. You can expect linear increases in interest rates for the next decade. Money will never be this cheap again.
Single family homes have increased so much so quickly that single family homes are best suited for flipping. Since winter is approaching, we are warning investors to move onto multi-family or commercial properties.
If you are looking to build your custom home, this is the time to purchase. We are at the bottom of the curve for vacant land and new home builders have grabbed the large parcels.
Even though we don't recommend purchasing these things, it's a comfort knowing that this moth balled project is back up and the cranes are moving about.
If you have the moxy, this is the best place to flip. Large gambles here will pay big dividends in Spring 2014.
This is very welcome news. Many of my investors have purchased large multi-family units near this old hotel and the benefits will be huge. It's not too late to purchase property downtown and we recommend buying anything you can get your hands on. In related news, he also purchased "The Bunkhouse" and is going to rehab one of my favorite dive bars.

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Car with pallets in trunk.

Courtesy of Darryl Lambert - One of our investors.
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$144k / 4plex

Fully occupied. Video

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Professional - Near downtown Fremont - Video

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